Hengist Road, 
Birchington, Kent, 
01843 841588



Getting to us is very straightforward.  

By road from the West, as you are driving in to Birchington on the main road there are a couple of left turns that you can take to avoid the queues heading for Margate, and the speed bumps on the village high street, Station Road.  Near the bottom of the dip, there are two side-roads next to each other, the second is Essex Gardens which is the first option, the next left, just before the church, is the second - Kent Gardens.  If you take the first, Essex Gardens, follow the road to the end and follow it around to the right up the hill.  At the T-junction at the top, turn left onto Kent Gardens (which is your other option from the main road) and then right on Surrey Gardens.  Turn left on Station Road and follow it to the coast - when you reach the sea, turn left again and we are at the end of the parade on the left. Park anywhere along this road (go as far along as you can depending on how busy it is) or in the car park right at the end.  At the time of writing, there is no fee on the Parade but you will have to pay in the car park.

If you don't take either of the two left turn options above, you will reach a mini-roundabout in the village centre - turn left here and follow the road through the village and on down to the coast.

We have two entrances - one through the public car park and the other via the private Hengist Road. 

Rigged boats must not use the public car park entrance because of overhead cables. 

During open events and indeed busy weekends you will see a host of colourful sails rigging on the green near the club or on the beach.